Dismantle the Nuclear Lie!

Team DNTC, 17. Apr. 2021

There were high expectations, indeed promises, of a form of energy generation that would be too cheap to be measured at all - too cheap to meter.

The opposite has happened, the costs are constantly increasing. In addition, the contribution to global energy supply has remained more than negligible. Dealing with its waste remains the responsibility of the next generations, what a prime example of mendacity! And the allegedly negligible residual risk, i.e. the statistically low probability of occurrence of a Maximum Credible Accident - has been unmasked as lethal misjudgment since Chernobyl & Fukushima. And yet the lying continues.

We must not stop dismantling the atomic lies, breaking them down into individual parts - so that their complex functioning is disturbed, or at best destroyed!

Conference April 29. 2021

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