Stand with Bears Ears, raise your voice

Team DNTC, 13. Jun. 2020

Bears Ears is one of the richest cultural landscapes in the United States

and an ancestral homeland of many tribes, including the Ute Mountain Ute, who have inhabited the region since time immemorial.

Now Energy Fuels Resources wants to import radioactive waste from Europe

extract the tiny percentage of uranium it contains, and dump the remaining byproducts into a pit just outside the national monument’s boundaries, despite the longstanding and vocal concerns of Ute Mountain Ute tribal members just down the road. The White Mesa Mill was built to process uranium ore mined across the Colorado Plateau, including at mines near the Grand Canyon and around the Bears Ears region. But with uranium prices low, in addition to seeking a taxpayer-funded bailout, mill owner Energy Fuels Resources is pursuing additional contracts to process what it calls “alternate feed” — radioactive wastes from other industrial operations, like the facility in Estonia, or from contaminated military or industrial sites.

Bears Ears is a place for healing. It deserves better than hundreds of tons of waste shipped to its doorstep from Estonia ! Raise your Voice

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