Urgent System Change needed

Team DNTC, 18. Jun. 2020

Indigenous Environmental Network

We are calling out for systemic change

for an entirely different governance and legal framework that recognizes that Earth’s living systems are not the enslaved property of humans. Just as it is wrong for men to consider women property or one race to consider another race as property, it is wrong for humans to see nature as property; a concept that came from white Eurocentric settlers called dominion.

This launch of A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy:

Protect, Repair, Invest and Transform guides us collectively into a sustainable future, wherein Indigenous sovereignty and values are front and center. This is important because in order to visualize a better path forward, we must reconceptualize our framing away from the capitalistic systems that harm our Grandmother Earth, our Father Sky, our communities, our families, and our futures.

Now is the moment to break the cycle

of the U.S. and Canadian governments consistently pressuring Indigenous nations and our communities to choose between western forms of economic development and our responsibilities as “guardians” for protecting the sacredness and territorial integrity of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

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