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Team DNTC, 23. Mar. 2021

Beyond Nuclear, Goethe-Institut, DC and Heinrich Böll Stiftung, DC are making The Beekeeper and 33 Days of Utopia available free to screen at home until April 6. On Tuesday, March 30, at 1pm Eastern US time, please join us, the filmmakers and protagonists for a live discussion about the films and the culture of resistance to nuclear power.

Hayward, the beekeeper of the film’s title

had just seen a news report showing the expanded footprint of the proposed two-reactor Wylfa B nuclear power project on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. Hayward’s home, which her family had tenanted since 1532, was right in the plan’s crosshairs. It would be bulldozed, and the farmland paved over.

The 84-minute documentary, 33 Days of Utopia

as they clear a 1980 encampment —The Free Republic of Wendland— established by 800 idealists and maintained for the titular 33 days to prevent the construction of a high-level radioactive waste site at Gorleben, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

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