Beyond COP25: People for Climate

Team DNTC, 25. Nov. 2019

Aware of the clear Eurocentrism

that holding a COP in a European country for the third consecutive year implies, we accept the challenge of articulating protests and criticisms against these policies as a huge responsibility. We do so in anger and powerlessness in the face of the injustices and atrocities being committed against the Chilean people, out of solidarity and support for the decision to continue holding the Peoples’ Summit and the Social Summit for Climate Action in Chile, and in the determination to try to create a space where their voices can also be heard.

We strongly condemn the human rights violations in Chile and demand their immediate stop.

The Government’s war declaration against the Chilean people is an attack on democracy and on the struggle for social justice. We demand that those responsible for this repression be punished. We want to put under the spotlight that the social protests in Chile, and elsewhere in the world, are also an expression of the environmental crisis. The paradigm of unlimited economic growth is crashing humanity against planetary limits that the economic system insists on making invisible.

We live in convulsive times of genunine ecological, climate and social emergency.

The scientific diagnosis is clear regarding the seriousness and urgency of the moment. Economic growth happens at the expense of the most vulnerable people: racialised people, indigenous people, people living in rural areas, the poor, migrants, LGBTI and queer, the avant-garde communities in resistance… And it also occurs at the expense of our environment, other species and ecosystems. Women, who are part of all these collectives, are affected differently and are victims of the worst consequences of the cisgender patriarchal capitalist model.

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