"Rat Catchers" in Vienna

Team DNTC, 11. Oct. 2019

For a week, nuclear rat catchers will be promoting nuclear energy as a saviour.

In the middle of Vienna, the nuclear lobby tries to present nuclear energy as a "saviour for the climate crisis". The stage for this absurd nuclear advertising farce is the nuclear energy organisation IAEA, which has its headquarters in the UN building. "I think it's completely crazy what's going on," said former Environment Minister Köstinger. For one week, the nuclear lobbyists in the city want to win over concerned climate protectors for their completely absurd ideas like rat catchers. The "nuclear charlatans" are trying to portray nuclear energy as a "saviour" for the rapidly progressing climate crisis. "Nuclear power cannot make a contribution here. It is the most expensive technology. And it is also far too slow and too complex to build in order to be able to make a contribution at all in the period of the next ten years relevant to the climate crisis," warns Patrizia Lorenz, nuclear spokeswoman for Global 2000. Since the nuclear lobby is thus offensively advertising the uneconomical and fire-threatening nuclear energy, the environmental guardians have started a counter-conference. Under the title "Don't nuke the Climate" the conservationists explain the lousy lies of the nuclear mafia.

Krone oct 9 2019

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