Stop wasting time and money on nuclear power

Team DNTC, 24. Dec. 2019

The planet is burning

and we only have 10 years to launch a total transformation to safe, clean, efficient, 100% renewable energy. We can do it! But US Congress is wasting time and money we can’t afford promoting dirty, dangerous, expensive nuclear power. And that is only adding to another, related global crisis: radioactive waste, for which there is still no solution.

And Congress wants to make nuclear power a priority? When over 90% of reactors proposed in the last decade had to be cancelled. When the only reactors being built may never be completed … are already $14 billion over budget … 6+ years behind schedule … and will have taken at least fifteen years to complete. When new reactor designs will not even be ready for construction before 2030. And when existing reactors are 40 years old on average, and will close in the coming years, anyway.

We need to wake Congress up! demand real climate solutions now.

Tell Congress Don't Nuke the Climate