No more Nuclear, no more Coal !

Team DNTC, 08. Jun. 2020

Greetings from Russia

where pandemic keeps borders closed and Putin pushes for change of constitution allowing him to stay in power forever. In these difficult pandemic times many dirty industries are using the situation to their advantage.

Urenco is sending nuclear waste from Gronau / Germany to Russia where the nuclear industry is happy to accept it for commercial profit.__

With new restrictions of Russian government (we are not allowed to leave homes and do street protests due to the pandemic) nuclear industry in Russia enjoys protest-free nuclear transportations. This is what they always hoped for. Urenco benefits from the pandemic too as they are getting rid of dangerous waste extremely fast, sending nuclear transports every 3-4 weeks. While people are experiencing very tough restrictions, the nuclear industry is experiencing extremely big freedom. And this includes freedom to create nuclear problems for many generations ahead.

Dumping nuclear waste on Russia at the time of pandemic is one more illustration how cynical and anti-human nuclear industry is.

All transportations of nuclear waste must be stopped immediately, Urenco should be forced to take responsibility for its own waste!

Another champion killer industry – the one producing coal –

is experiencing big freedom in Russia. They are not only burning earth’ climate, they are literally burning our and next generations future on this planet.

With the start of Datteln IV, in Germany another step towards global climate catastrophe is taken.

This is not only German energy industry, it is also Russian coal industry. Both are responsible for lowering chances for survival of humankind through speeding up climate change. The ugliness of Russian coal industry can be compared with nuclear industry and their extremely heavy consequences for the environment.

Coal is not only killing the future, it is destroying homes of Russians in Siberia right now !

It is polluting the air in Kuzbass (Russia’ main coal mining region) so heavily that people there are getting sick with cancer just because they are breathing. Rivers have black water, Babies are born with deadly diseases. And this catastrophe is getting bigger and wider with the implementation of every new project like Datteln IV importing coal from Siberia for its operation. We wanted to tell you today that even if those deadly industries are continuing to destroy our Earth and enjoying restrictions of the pandemic – there is still chance to stop this destruction and get back to better life. We can stop them if we unite in different countries, if we cooperate and act according to one very simple principle. Coal and nuclear must be left in the past forever, this is the time for renewable technologies which is the only way to go.

We also again need to appeal to the environmental Minister Mrs. Schulze.

You, as a part of the German government, are responsible for allowing uranium waste transports to Russia as well as Datteln IV, that stimulates the import of Russian coal to Germany. And we know you aware of the dangerous consequences of those decisions for people and climate of Earth.

Therefore we urge you to take all necessary steps to cancel the export of waste from Gronau to Russia and stop Datteln IV.

For our Earth and future generations to come, it must be done immediately.

Vladimir Slivyak Alexandra Koroleva

co-chairs of Ecodefense, Russian environmental group

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