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The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report highlights the growing climate crisis and the energy challenges we face.

 We need an urgent global shift to clean and renewable energy and national governments need to actively facilitate and manage the transition from reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear to renewable energy.   This global transition to clean, safe, nature-friendly renewable energy is already underway and is generating employment and opportunity. Growing this based on principles of environmental and social justice, equity, diversity, resilience and the rights and interests of communities and our environment will provide skilled and sustainable jobs, economic activity and reliable electricity access around the world.

Every dollar invested in nuclear power makes the climate crisis worse by diverting investment from renewable energy technology. Nuclear is increasingly unsafe and unreliable in a warming world with more frequent shutdowns and an inability to operate safely under changed climate conditions.  From nuclear weapons tests to radioactive waste facilities the nuclear industry has a history of displacing, disrupting and damaging the health and rights of workers and communities. Indigenous Peoples, Black, and Peoples of Color, face a disproportionate burden and risk from the nuclear industry as mining and waste storage primarily affects their lands and they are often not consulted, compensated or respected. 

Nuclear is slow, expensive and dangerous. It is not carbon neutral and poses unique security and waste management risks. We do not have the time to wait for the industry to recover from its own economic failures, overcome construction delays or to fulfil the false promise of new technology.

The legacy of contaminated mining zones, nuclear weapons fallout and the unresolved issue of nuclear waste demonstrate the profound risks of nuclear power. These risks are amplified by the changing climate and are in fundamental conflict with the foundation principles of sustainability and intergenerational equity.

Renewables give us the ability to make a just transition for energy sector workers, their families and communities and to provide secure global access to sustainable low carbon electricity. Renewable energy is real, affordable, low risk and clean. Nuclear simply cannot meet our future energy needs.

Globally, we have multiple energy saving and renewable energy options which, unlike nuclear, enjoy broad social license. Our organisations, representing a broad cross section of the global community, maintain that nuclear power is not a credible or effective climate response.

We support a renewable energy future and view nuclear power as a dangerous distraction from the real movement on the climate policies and actions that we urgently need.


Our organisations maintain that nuclear power is:

Dirty & Dangerous:

Nuclear reactors produce long-lived radioactive wastes that pose a direct human and environmental threat for many thousands of years. Radioactive waste management is costly, complex, contested and unresolved. Nuclear power cannot be considered a clean source of energy given the intractable and inter-generational legacy of nuclear waste. All human-made systems fail. When nuclear power fails it can do so on a global scale. The human, environmental and economic costs of accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima are massive and continuing. Decommissioning and cleaning up old reactors and nuclear sites, even in the absence of any accidents, is technically challenging and extremely costly.   Unsustainable:

Nuclear power relies on uranium mining. Like coal mining this causes adverse environmental impacts and puts workers and communities at risk. It is a thirsty industry that consumes large volumes of precious water, from uranium mining and processing through to reactor cooling. Nuclear power plants are vulnerable to threats that are being exacerbated by climate impacts, including dwindling and warming water sources, sea-level rise, drought, jelly-fish swarms and increasing storm severity.   Unjust:

The nuclear industry disproportionately impacts both Indigenous communities and those with lower socio-economic status around the world. Uranium mining, the legacy of weapons testing and nuclear waste dumping impacts and threatens some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Radiation exposure also poses a greater risk to some of the most vulnerable in our community including children, pregnant women and people with underlying health issues.    Slow:

Nuclear power is a slow response to a pressing problem. Nuclear reactors are slow to build and license, and even slower to become net electricity contributors. Globally, reactors routinely take a decade or longer to construct and time over-runs are common.   Expensive:

Nuclear power is now one of the most capital intensive and expensive ways to produce electricity and costs continue to rise. Cost estimates of reactors under construction in Europe and the US keep growing and many are billions of dollars over-budget and years behind schedule.    A Security Risk:

Nuclear power plants have been described as pre-deployed terrorist targets and pose a major security threat. This would likely see an increase in policing and security operations and a commensurate impact on civil liberties and public access to information. Dual-use nuclear infrastructure and funding, human resource and wider links between the military and civilian nuclear sectors raises weapons proliferation and security concerns, particularly in nuclear weapons states.   Aging or Unproven:

Existing nuclear reactors are highly centralised and inflexible. They lack the capacity to respond to changes in demand and usage, are slow to deploy and are poorly suited to modern energy grids and markets. Many existing reactors are old and due for decommissioning and any move to extend their life would raise serious safety concerns. Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) and other ‘new generation’ nuclear projects are not in commercial production or use and remain unproven and uncertain. Neither the failed current reactors nor the non-existent promised reactors are a credible basis for a national energy system.

Not Carbon Neutral:

There is no such thing as zero or close-to-zero emission nuclear power. Emissions from nuclear are lower than fossil fuels but much higher than renewable when life cycle and opportunity cost emissions are considered. Almost every stage of the nuclear chain requires additional non-nuclear energy inputs. As uranium ore grades decline the sectors carbon footprint will increase, the transport of materials and the ongoing management of nuclear waste are also energy intensive.

Our shared energy future is renewable, not radioactive.

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KAISA KA KILUSAN FOE Japan Citizens' Nuclear Information Center Batani Foundation Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon Blue Dalian Mom Loves Taiwan Association Missionary Society of Saint Columban Grameen Shakti Toxic Action Network SOLVE-Nepal Centre for Rural Technology Nepal Mab-Eung Eco-Temple Japan Network of Engaged Buddhists No Nukes Asia Forum Peace Boat Kenju-in temple Juko-in temple GENSUIKIN TEPU Taiwan Watch Foundation FOE Sri Lanka Junkan Workers Club  Tokorozawa Advance Ishikawa Workers' Medical Association Wakatsuki   Keihan Workers' Citizens' Association Save the Constitution Kanto Network Women Against Nukes ANT Hiroshima NRA Day Break Protest Min-Iren Shizuoka Oiso Energy Shift Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association Kiko Network Nepal Energy Foundation YWCA of Japan Rivers without Boundaries Coalition - Mongolia Oyu Tolgoi Watch FOE Russia Imece Evi Turkey Prakriti Resources Centre Pacific Asia Resource Center SAHAS Nepal Citizens Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth Buyeo Environment Solidarity Green Future Degrowth and Alternatives Inter-religious Climate and Ecology Network GREEN KOREA UNITED Japanese and Korean Citizens' Solidarity Against Nukes Asia Pacific Center for Integral Study of Life Ecological Conservation Citizens Busan Green Party Climate Justice Committee Incheon People Solidarity 1.5club Anti-nuclear and Climate crisis Jeju Action Asia Pacific Center for Integral Study of Life Association of Professors and Researchers for Democracy and Equality Buddhist Environmental Solidarity  Buyeo Environment Solidarity Catholic Social Doctrine CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION CENTER(SALIM) Climate Strike Namyangju climate strike Seoul Seongbuk climateaction Gwangju climateaction-jiguin Comonarts Daejeon Nonuke Degrowth and Alternatives Dobong Climate Crisis Emergency Action Drawing Green for Earth Ecological Conservation Citizens Ecosophialab Energy Justice Actions Gangnam Climate Strike Global Catholic Climate Movement Korea Green Future GREEN KOREA UNITED Green Transition Youth Group HANSALIM Cooperative Federation HOBAKBOOK Incheon People Solidarity Incorporated Organization Shilcheon Bulgyo  Inter-religious Climate and Ecology Network Japanese and Korean Citizens' Solidarity Against Nukes Jeonju health Welfare Social Cooperative  Justice Party Kangdongmagungmul KHSI(kijang-humanright-social-lnstitute) Korea Christian Environmental Movement Solidarity for Integrity of Creation Korea Federation for Environmental Movements(KFEM) Korea Radiation Watch Korean Women’s Environmental Network Life & Safty Network Little servents of holy family JPIC  Mack architect’s office mulpurecenter National YWCA of Korea Neutynamu Children’s Library New Bodhisattva Network No Nuke Daegu Citizen Action No nukes Gyeongju joint acton No-Nukes Go-Chang People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy(PSPD) Political Economy Institute Pnyx Politicalmamas Pre-service teacher Gathering for the future  Salesiansisters SANCTA MARIA ORDER Seodaemun Mapo Eunpyeong iCOOP Sister Disciples of the Divine Master The Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious in KOREA, JPIC Commission The Group Against Samcheok Nuclear Power Plant The Jesusari Community The Korean Association for Environmental Sociology The Society of the Sacred Heart  Ulsan Citizens' Joint Action for Denuclearization University Climate Action Very Small Feminism School Taengja YCEA(Youth Climate Emergency Action) No Nukes Asia -Taiwan Taiwan Environmental Protection Union Taiwan Watch Foundation Green Taiwan Foundation CNIC Citizens' lawsuit to stop nuke license extension over 40 years Aomori Health Cooperative Okinawa Peace Action Center Aomori Health Cooperative Okayama Teachers' Union Toyama Peace Movement Center General Council of Trade Unions Retirees Association Himeji Medical Cooperative Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institutions Ishikawa Workers' Medical Association Takagi School National Network to Prevent Restarting Nukes Kita Kyushu Social Health Promotion Association Tokyo-Hokuto Health Co-operative Association Osaka Peace and Human Rights Center Green Citizens' Action Alliance Environmental Jurists Association Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation Humanistic Education Foundation Dr. Chen Wen-Chen Memorial Foundation Taiwan Renewable Energy Alliance Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association Taiwan Forever Association Taiwan Not-for-profit Organization Industrial Union Taiwan Watch Institute Wenshan Community College The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Citizen of the Earth, Taiwan Sinhua Community College Taiwan Environmental Protection Union Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association Taiwan Association for Human Rights DiaNuke India - Turkey Biodiversity Conservation Center RU Neng Shen Xing Native species Restoration Association Green Party Taiwan Taiwan Ocean and Environmental Sustainability Law Center Homemakers United Foundation Environmental Rights Foundation True Light Gospel Church The Society of Wilderness Yilan Charlei Chen Foundation Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op Tainan Sprout PRIETENII PAMANTULUI (EARTH FRIENDS) Energy Transition Forum South Korea Korea Federation for Environmental Movements in Incheon Liga Rakyat Demokratik Persaudaraan Matahari Mersin Anti-Nuclear Platform - Turkey Sinop Anti Nuclear Platform Turkey

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Greenreace Asia / Pacific Arid Lands Environment Centre Environment Centre NT Conservation Council of Western Australia  Australian Conservation Foundation Environment Victoria Climate Action Monaro Pax Christi Australia Franciscan Friar Queensland Conservation Council Pax Christi Victoria The Green Institute Australian Religious Response to Climate Change Green Music Uniting Church in Australia Australian Nuclear Free Alliance Friends of the Earth Australia Marrickville Peace Group Peoples Climate Assembly Conservation Council of SA Medical Association for Prevention of War  FOE Adelaide The Wilderness Society Cairns and Far North Environment Centre CLIMATE ACTION MONARO Nature Conservation Council 350 Australia Sustainable Living Armidale Greenpeace Australia Pacific United Workers Religious Society of Friends Victorian Trades Hall Council CEPU Electrical Energy and Services Division Unions WA People For Nuclear Disarmament NSW AMWU AEU Australian Education Union Unions Tasmania FOE Melbourne Sutherland Shire Environment Centre People For Nuclear Disarmament NSW United Workers Union Australian Services Union Doctors for Environment Maritime Union of Australia Nature Conservation Council of NSW West Australia Nuclear Free Alliance  The Sunrise Project Gundjheimie Clean Energy Council Adam Dempsey Mastering Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua new Guinea Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation U Ethical SA Unions Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education GeneEthics Au Sustainable Prosperity Action Group

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Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space Nuclear Energy Information Service Extinction Rebellion SF Socio-Ecological Union International Rainbow Watch and Development Centre Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center Clean Energy Action IPANWA Beyond Nuclear Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Mothers for Peace Stop the Hogs Fairewinds Energy Leap4Wards Peace Boat US FOE US Native Community Action Council Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World Redwood Alliance PRESS Portsmouth/Piketon Resident for Environmental Safety and Security NNWJ National Nuclear Workers for Justice Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group Coalition Against Nukes Peace Action WI Green Delaware C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes NY Michigan Safe Energy Future NIRS Washington Western Staates Legal Foundation for Earth Anthropocene Alliance Utah Valley Earth Forum Hudson River Sloop Clean Valley Watch Inc Pilgrim Watch PATH Citizens Awareness Network Starfire Cleaning Peace Action Maine Sierra Club Earth Evolution New Mexico Interfaith Power Diné No Nukes Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area United for Peace and Justice Peaced Action Maine

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Aktionsbuendnis Energiewende Heilbronn AG AtomErbe Neckarwestheim Heilbronn4Future Sofa Münster Доброго дня! FOE International EWS Schönau Ecodefense FOE Georgia Women Against Nuclear Power AKIN Arbeitskreis Indianer Nordamerikas Terravie
VIVAT International Waldviertler EnergieStammtisch Verein Lebensraum Waldviertel BBMN Bund der Buergerinitiativen Mittlerer Neckar e.V. AntiAtom Ludwigsburg CSIA-Nitassinan Chernobyl Children's Project UK The Greek Affiliate of IPPNW BEE German Renewable energy Foundation Naturefriends Greece CADNO Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station's community anti-nuclear group Solarförderverein Ecoaction Ukraine Women for Peace and Cooperation Noidanlukko Woman for Peace Finnland FOE France Together against Sizewell C Wiener Plattform Atomkraftfrei Greenpeace France Co2abgabe Anuk eV. Ekosfer Association Collectif anti-nucléaire Ouest Swedish Environmental Movement's Nuclear Waste Secretariat Swedish Renewable Energies Organization Europe Ecologie Les Verts Drome EELV Valence Drome AKWende CH BI Stopp Temelin Bürgerenergie Bremen Focus Association for sustainable Development Slovenia Energii Industries FR Greenpeace Slovenia Umanotera Foundation Roßdorfer Energie-Gemeinschaft e.V. Chair Human Rights ans Rights of Nature Murcia University Brighton Hove Energy Services Cooperative BHESCO Medact Scotland FOE West Cumbria / North Lakes Lokale Agenda 21 Oranienburg e.V. Parents For Future Germany Parents For Future Vienna ECOtrinova eV BUND-Naturschutz-Kreisgruppe Landshut

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Earthlife Namibia Earthlife Afrika Lekeh Development Foundation DeCOALonize Kenya DUZAFOUND UCSD Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development Ground Work Tree Uganda Academy Murna Foundation Sustainable Environmental Development Watch Safcei  CESOPE Commons for EcoJustice CSADO

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