Climate Crisis - Why nuclear is no solution

This international conference, which takes place at the same time as IAEA’s very first climate conference on October 7 2019, will examine the hard evidence-base, the facts and figures - in order to prepare strategies to halt fresh money for the outdated technology that is nuclear.

Climate Crisis - Why nuclear is no solution

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Oct. 07. 2019


Registration at ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser, Vienna (across the road of IAEA)


Welcome: Organizer, video messages

Georg Günsberg and/or other energy experts (tbc) / 11:40h

Role of nuclear and climate goals in IEA, IAEA, IPCC scenarios

Steve Thomas, University of Greenwich, UK / 12:20h

Can we afford nuclear to save us from global warming?

Paul Dorfman,The Energy Institute, University College London / 12:50h

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs): Findings from a key report by Paul Dorfman, M.V. Ramana and Sean Morris

Mycle Schneider and Amory Lovins – via video conferencing with Q&A / 02:10h

Presentation of the WNSIR 2019 by Mycle Schneider and Amory Lovins RMI

Oda Becker, Independent technical consultant, Hannover / 03:30h

Operating a very old fleet of nuclear power plants

Christoph Pistner, Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety, Ökologieinstitut Darmstadt / 04:00h

Propaganda versus reality of new generation of reactors (GEN IV)

Angelika Claußen, IPPNW president for Europe, Germany / 04:30h

Nuclear power powers the bomb

Makoma Lekalakala, Earthlife South Afrika / 05:00h

Nuclearisation of Africa and the role of IAEA

NN, tbc / 05:30h

The Renewable Evolution – the real response to Global Climate Change

Oct. 08. 2019

GLOBAL 2000 office, Neustiftgasse 36, 1070 Vienna / different participants day one / 09:00h

Workshops and NGO Strategy Day