Don't nuke the Climate!

Why Nuclear Power cannot solve
the Climate Crisis

IAEA Nuclear Fairy Tales

Our collective
Global Goal.

DNTC is a network of anti-nuclear, and environmental organisations from around the Globe. We made it our mission to prove why nuclear is not the solution to the climate crisis. We provide evidence-based information and counter the narratives of the nuclear lobbyists. We debunk the gap between their rhetorics and the real-world evidence.
On this website, we also display stories of people who are severely affected by nuclear activities along the fuel chain, from mining and milling, enrichment, fuel production, nuclear plants, weapons and the attempts to deal with nuclear waste.
We cannot afford to waste more time and money on this dirty dangerous distraction. The Future is Renewable, not Radioactive!

Nuclear Power is:

Too Dirty!

Along the fuel chain uranium mining, enrichment and NPP normal operation create vast amounts of radioactive and toxic waste.

Too Dangerous!

Nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima endanger whole countries and regions. Nuclear Power also increases the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation.

Too Expensive!

Hundreds of billions would have to be spent for the construction of new plants and for managing nuclear waste.

Too Slow!

Nuclear power is a slow response to a pressing problem. It takes decades for new power plants to be build, whereas renewables are ready to be used and reduce co2 emissions immediately.

.. to solve the climate crisis!

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What needs to be told.

The nuclear lobby is great in making you believe that nuclear power is the answer to our climate crisis .. watch this:


Facts and data about the hidden truths of nuclear power.

Nuclear power and
climate action

An Assessment for the Future.

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Climate Change and
Nuclear Power

An Analysis of Nuclear Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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World Nuclear Industry
Status Report (WNISR)

The Independent Assessment of Nuclear Developments in the World.

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Uranium Atlas

Facts and Data about the Raw Material of the Atomic Age.

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Hoodwinked in the hothouse

Resist False Solutions to Climate Change

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A single story can open up new perspectives and challenge dominant narratives.

The nuclear industry is an extractive industry that contaminates large areas of land with radioactive and chemical toxins. In about 80% on indigenous land. Every link in the nuclear chain produces waste for which there are no solutions. Unfortunately, the nuclear industry itself as well as governmental bodies have little interest in cleaning up their legacy. This is an untenable situation for the country and its people. This nuclear colonialism must stop. Stories from all over the world need to be told.

And then it started to snow on Rongelap …

In 1954 the atomic bomb “Bravo” was detonated at Bikini Atoll.

Atom for India ?

Anti nuke resistance India

„It was like a war zone."

The mining has destroyed most of her family and the whole culture and economy of her tribe.

No Nukes India

Massive protest against world’s largest nuclear plant under construction

The beginning of the end

Right at the beginning of uranium process, the most far-reaching environmental impacts are caused.

The belly of the nuclear beast

Nuclear domination has left thousands of abandoned uranium mines.

The bigger picture: Why your voice on nuclear matters

Australia nuclear free

The nuclear industry in Russia is as sacred as the cow in India.

Olga Podosenova has already suffered the adverse effects of radiation herself.

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