Orignial satement by ACF and MPI

Australian civil society have joined the growing call for nuclear to be rejected as eligible for public subsidy or consideration as a European climate response. As the European Commission reviews the EU’s clean energy taxonomy Australian based groups have shared the lived experience of the adverse environmental and cultural impacts of uranium mining.

Uranium is the fuel for nuclear power and Australia is home to the world’s single largest uranium reserve.

“Every uranium project in Australia is contaminating and contested”

Mineral Policy Institute (MPI) secretary Mia Pepper.

“The lived history is a powerful reason not to further fuel radioactive of risk and damage by more uranium mining. This sector is neither clean and not wanted”. “Uranium mining is a dirty and deeply damaging industrial activity”

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) national nuclear campaigner Dave Sweeney

“From the first shovel this trade is responsible for long term heartache and harm. Our organisations are urging the EC to consider the full life cycle of the nuclear industry - from the destruction of mining to the inter-generational threat of radioactive waste and to support a global energy future that is renewable, not radioactive”

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