Many of us have witnessed (from a distance) the disturbing assault on US democratic institutions last week

incited by a sitting president who cannot accept that he lost the election. It's frightening to consider that for another 10 days, President Trump has the capacity to launch a nuclear war, if he so desires.

In any case, the USA is not the only problem.There are nearly 14,000 nuclear weapons in the world possessed by nine countries. The leaders of these countries, many with bloated egos and instable characters like President Trump, threaten humanity with their capacity to initiate global annihilation.And even with stable leaders, a nuclear war could still be launched by accident or miscalculation or crisis escalation.

It’s time to take the fingers of all leaders of nuclear armed states off the button to prevent the possibility of nuclear war and to pave the way for nuclear abolition.

"At a time the world faces multiple upheavals including from the COVID-19 pandemic, weapons of mass destruction are totally abhorrent. Nuclear weapons are wasteful and having them should be seen as a criminal intent to wreak harms against humanity and the Planet."

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